Integra Business Partner Pte Ltd (iBP) is a small-medium-sized independent accounting firm and business advisers in Singapore. We are an independent member of HLB International, a world-wide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers. The network covers all the main markets globally with powerful local expertise as well as international capabilities and skills.

iBP is your trusted business partner solutions in accounting and statutory compliances in Singapore. iBP helps you at the back end while you grow your business in the front. When you hire iBP, you hire the entire iBP team. With iBP you will save money by not having to provide employee benefits, office space, office supplies (e.g. computer, desk, furniture and so on) or any other things that come with full or part-time employees. Further, there is no need for you to keep up with changes in accounting standards and tax/GST legislations. You also need not be concerned with computer downtime, accounting software obsolescence, or staff absence from leave or resignation.

Spend your time on more pressing and strategic issues to help your business stay competitive. Leave the routine accounting to us, yet be equipped with essential accounting information at your fingertips, when you need it, anytime, anywhere! With iBP, we bring you the best technology in cloud for your business on the go to enhance profitability and productivity.

When you engage iBP as your business partner, you are tapping into our world-wide network of independent professional accounting firms and business advisers.  iBP is a member of HLB International. The HLB networks covers 130 countries with 19,000 staff based in 600 offices worldwide.  iBP as a member of HLB International will support you as you grow regionally and globally, ensuring the same partner-led-high-quality and personalised service wherever you operate.

Our Commitment


Providing timely and efficient services


Effective, responsive and accessible in all our dealings


Strive for quality services and keeping high standards in our endeavours


Maintain the highest ethical standards and integrity in all our professional engagements

Whatever We Do, We Add Value

We will enhance our customers’ service advantage with our 3 unique core value in our services :


We ensure our services and activities integrate well with our customer’s strategic and business daily activities so as a whole it creates synergies in what our customers are doing.


We empower individuals, team and organisations to intelligently discover share and collaborate on financial information from anywhere at anytime.


We accelerate information creation and information flow to improve efficiency in decision making.